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Published on April 1, 2018

Third season of Bangla Comedy Natok 2018 Basic Ali is here. Season 3 begins with new director and new cast and with Peya Bipasha as Riya; replacing Sabila Nur. Basic Ali-Episode 32 Bangla Comedy Natok 2018 has also been aired on Channel i TV. Tawsif Mahbub’s Natok Basic Ali is the most popular in Bangladeshi Natok 2018 & Bangla Comedy Natok 2018.

When it comes to girls; Hillol (Jisan) either likes Katrina Kaif or just Trina—who is two years older than Hillol. What’s the problem—if she’s older; Basic Ali (Tawsif Mahbub) asks and offers help to Hillol. Now the problem is Hillol does not know how to approach Trina while Trina cannot take Hillol seriously. With Basic Ali (Tawsif Mahbub) giving him full guidance, can Hillol fail?

Cast of Episode ‘Hillol ar Trina’ Bangla Comedy Natok 2018: Tawsif Mahbub, Mir Naufel Ashrafi Jisan, Rimi Karim (as Trina) and others.

Script written by Sharier. Bangla Comedy Natok 2018 ‘Hillol ar Trina’ is directed by Goutam Koiri.

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