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Published on August 11, 2018

Episode title: ‘Planchet.’ Peya Bipasha resumes as Riya from this episode of Basic Ali Natok New 2018.

‘Planchet’ is the season 4 episode 8 of Basic Ali Natok New 2018 and Bangla Comedy Natok 2018 as well as Bangla New Natok 2018. The title of Basic Ali Bangla Comedy Natok 2018 and Natok New 2018 is ‘Planchet’.

That evening Riya (Peya Bipasha) came to the Ali House with a pizza that she promised to Magic (Fahim Kabir Rafi) and Nature (Rifat Jahan). Basic would return home later in the evening and take Riya out on a date. Meantime, Magic and Nature decided to pull a prank on Riya by arranging a planchet. To help them carry out the prank, they sought the help of Hillol.

The plan is simple. They would take Riya to participate in the planchet and Hillol, disguised as a ghost, would scare Riya. Incidentally, that evening, a hungry Discount Dracula arrived at the Ali House– looking for some blood. Discount Dracula managed to bite Hillol– making him a vampire too. Then Dracula proceeded to bite the neck of Riya.

See what happens next.


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